Facts about Fat Freezing

Are you still searching for a non-surgical body contouring treatment to reduce stubborn fat and leave you with natural looking and lasting results? The solution is Coolsculpting! Here are the essential facts about fat freezing Perth to get you ready to achieve your dream body in 2015.

Fact 1: Non-invasive & Non-surgical

Our Coolsculpting in Perth is a non-invasive and non-surgical approach to effective fat reduction and stubborn weight loss. This means no incisions, no injections and no need for anesthesia during the procedure. You can now naturally reduce love handles, stomach bulges and other unwanted fat without the risk and downtown of invasive surgery.

Fact 2: How it works

Coolsculpting utilises patented cooling technology to directly target, freeze and kill fat cells. These fat cells will gradually disappear from your treated areas within 2-4 months. Unlike other methods of fat reduction, these fat cells won’t return to the treated area which means results will be long term when paired with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Learn more about how Coolsculpting works - http://www.coolsculptingperthclinics.com.au/how-coolsculpting-works/

Fact 3: Safe Procedure

Our qualified and experienced team take pride in conducting the safe Coolsculpting procedure, which has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) board. At Coolsculpting Perth Clinics, we are able to achieve clinically proven and lasting results. No needles, no incisions and no anesthesia reduces the risks that come with alternative surgical procedures.

Fact 4: Walk in Procedure with No Downtime

Quick, clean and safe. That’s how we would describe our Coolsculpting procedure for fat freezing in Perth. Did you know that our Coolsculpting treatment is a walk in procedure with no downtime? Our procedure can take just one hour to treat a single area. Patients often spend the fat freezing procedure time reading, using laptops or just relaxing as we target your stubborn fat cells and help you with fat reduction. In many cases, patients even return to work after the session with no obvious signs or discomfort from the procedure.

Fact 5: Patented Cooling Technology

Our Coolsculpting is regarded as the only clinically proven fat freezing procedure with built-in freeze detect technology. This important feature is unique to Coolsculpting and ultimately prevents skin freezing, which often occurs with imitation practices. Due to this innovative, high quality technology many patients see results as quickly as three weeks after your treatment and will experience the most dramatic results after one to three months.

Fact 6: Coolsculpting is Suitable for Most Lifestyles

As this procedure for fat freezing in Perth is non-surgical and FDA cleared, the innovative technology is suitable for a range of body types and ages. It is important to remember that fat freezing is not designed for excessive weight loss but is ideal for those who need help to reduce stubborn fat and body contouring.

To find out if our Coolsculpting fat reduction in Perth is right for you, get in contact with our experienced team today! Call (08) 6222 6622 to schedule a consultation or send your enquiries to info@coolsculptingperthclinics.com.au/